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Publishing Since 2009

Drawn from the East of England's fertile cultural landscape, Full Circle Editions publishes, in beautifully designed and printed hardback books, new works of fiction, poetry and non-fiction by writers and artists of the region, as well as new editions of classics, all with stunning artwork by some of the region's best artists.

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"Our colophon of a hare leaping over the moon was drawn for us by the inimitable Jeff Fisher, responsible also for the famous paperback cover of Louis de Berniere's Captain Corelli's Mandolin. It was only some months after the colophon was created that we learned from Robert Macfarlane's wonderful book The Wild Places that hares tend to run in full circles. I have followed a hare's run, I thought, out, round and back to my starting point, turning arc into circle.'"


We are surounded by arcs

Liz Calder describes how, on leaving London

for the quiet life in rural Suffolk,

"we found ourselves surrounded by flotillas of novelists,

poets, nature-writers, historians, essayists and

an even greater flotilla of artists of every kind.

What else could we do but start a publishing house?

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Our Journey

Full Circle Editions is an imprint of the UEA Publishing Project, focussed on creating beautiful titles by local East Anglian authors.

Our circular journey began in July 2009 when the press was founded by Genevieve and John Christie. Our first publication, The Burning of the Books, was a gripping meditation on Elias Canetti's Auto-da-Fé by George Szirtes and Ronald King. It was followed by Richard Mabey's The Barley Bird: Notes on the Suffolk Nightingale, with striking images by Derrick Greaves, and a new edition of George Ewart Evans' classic pioneering work of oral history, Ask the Fellows Who Cut the Hay, with glorious new artwork by David Gentleman.


Since then we've numerous works, including Wildtrack, a collection of haunting short stories by Booker shortlistee and Orange Prize winner Rose Tremain, with artwork by Jeffrey Fisher; artist Maggi Hambling's The Aldeburgh Scallop, her own account of the conception, construction and reception, both positive and negative, of her iconic sculpture on Aldeburgh beach; and Mary Chamberlain's 1970s oral-history classic Fenwomen, with a new photographic essay by Justin Partyka. Our books have won numerous awards, including the East Anglian Book Awards and The New Angle Prize for Literature, while our authors include the likes of Booker shortlistee and Whitbread Award winner Ali Smith and Somerset Maugham and Betty Trask Award winner Giles Foden amongst many others. 

As of 2019, Full Circle Editions was integrated with the UEA Publishing Project, based at the iconic University of East Anglia and continuing our tradition of championing stunning new work from the region. We have lots more in our (circular) pipeline, so watch this space for more wonderful books, coming soon...!




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